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About us

Free bike tour Barcelona was set- up in 2016 to bring free bike tours to the people and tourists of Barcelona. We had seen free walking tours pop-up all over Europe but no one had transferred the model to the bike tour market. After doing some research and seeing companies like Fat Tire Barcelona bike tours had been charging people €27 for years we knew there was a big demand for a free bike tour in Barcelona so free bike tour Barcelona was born!

We aim to make our tours fun, friendly, informative and unlike fat tire bike tours affordable to the average traveller in Barcelona.

Since we started free bike tour Barcelona we have had over 10,000 people on our tour and had had great feedback and reviews placing us at one of the most popular daytime activities in the whole of Barcelona.

Our plan is to grow the free bike tour in Barcelona and then bring the idea to other cities across Europe.

This tour will sell-out!

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