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Expert Guides

At free bike tour Barcelona all our English speaking guides are students of the history of Barcelona


3 hour Bike Tour

The tour lasts for approximately 3 hours and we run one a day at 10AM & 2PM!


Free Bike Tour!

We charge a 3 euro booking and bike rental fee, If you enjoyed the tour and feel it appropriate our guides do accept tips. 

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Barcelona’s charm is famous around the world making it the 3rd most visited city in Europe. free bike tour Barcelona was designed to show Barcelona in all its glory to visitors, catering to their needs and demands while also serving the city and its inhabitants. There is so much to see in Barcelona: 2000 years of history, urban stories, beautiful streets and squares, golden beaches, boutiques, markets, people and cultures…all contributing to a vibrant city, rich in diversity and experiences.

Visitors to Barcelona discover so much more by bike in 3 hours than in 3 days on foot or from the seat of a tourist bus. The free bike tour Barcelona team of trained guides are well versed in the history and the workings of the city and with fascinating anecdotes and memorable stories they show the authentic truth and uncover the secrets to Barcelona, while visitors ride relaxed and free around the city by bike.

Barcelona is a very bike friendly city with more than a 158km of cycle lanes. The city’s mild and sunny climate allow for all-year-long outdoor activities.

All free bike tour Barcelona tours stick to bike lanes and pedestrian streets avoiding traffic wherever possible and always follow the flattest ground. Our tours are designed for all ages to enjoy and stops are frequent and every hundred meters, to discuss the sights or have a drink.

Free bike tour Barcelona is the only free bike tour in the city.

We run and operate the only free bike tour that the city of Barcelona has to offer we are here to share the information of our beloved city. If you feel the tour was worth it, our guides do accept tips give what you want and what you feel is appropriate.

Fun Friendly & informative

We want to try to make our free bike tour in Barcelona as fun and friendly as possible and feel that’s the best way to deliver quality information about this wonderful city we call home.

Other bike tours. 

Most bike tours in Barcelona charge around 30€ for a three-hour bike tour. Our bike tour is free simply tip what you feel appropriate at the end.


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